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Since 1966 PEPE´S has been the standard of food and service on the island of Cozumel. Founded by Don Eduardo Ruiz “Don Pepe”, we are known for our personalized service of our clients and our high standards in our kitchen. Throughout the years Pepe´s has had several locations and different themes, such as Pepe´s Plaza on 5th av. , Pepe´s BBQ right next to the island´s museum and Pepe´s Grill ; they all have been successful under our family motto. The customer is always right. Don Pepe Becerra martin and his son Pepe Becerra Ruiz have taken the name Pepe´s into the 21st century with a new proposal: The new American grill.

It´s a menú where the most important cuisines of the world converge. Asian, Italian and Mexican, without forgetting our famous Angus Beef steaks and the freshest seafood.

Pepe´s is a place not only for eating. It´s a place to share the table with friends and have a good time. To enjoy the sunset, the terrace and the sea.

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